Training your dog to ‘leave it’. What does it actually mean to train your dog to leave something in different contexts? One of the most common challenges in training your dog at home is having your dog leave something alone. So… What is ‘leave it’? What are the different contexts and situations can you apply ‘leave it’? How do we train our dogs to ‘leave it’? 


One of the most important commands to teach your dog: Leave It

“Leave it” is essentially asking your dog to leave something or someone alone. You basically just want them to stop doing something. There are many situations you want to teach ‘leave it’. For example, there’s something on the ground that you don’t want them taking or eating or maybe even things up on the counter or table! 

Teaching ‘leave it’ doesn’t necessarily have to be something on the ground. It’s basically teaching your dog to stop or walk away from something. It’s very important to build up the command through a series of command or training. 


Teaching “Leave it”

‘Leave it’ can start out pretty simple. It doesn’t matter how old your dog is. You can even use it as a game for your kids too! 

  1. Start