Getting your dog to reliably come when called is known as RECALL. This is important for ALL dog owners. There may be many reasons why your dog doesn’t come when called, so it is important to have a reliable recall.


Dogs are a lot like toddlers that can easily be distracted. When you’re practicing recalls with your dog at home, for example you ask them to come when you’re in the living room or in the backyard and they do. They’re essentially only learning to ‘come’ when in the living room or backyard. 


With this said… the Number 1 reasons why your dog doesn’t come when called is because you have not generalized the command to ALL environments. 


You haven’t practiced your recalls enough in different environments or locations. Spring is just around the corner and you will be out and about with your dog more often. A good recall is an important skill to have most especially if you’re planning to be out more often. 


How do we generalize your dog’s recall command?

Start practicing in the least distracting environment and then work your way up! You can begin by practicing recalls at home. For example if you’re able to recall your dog 9/10 times in the living room, work your way up to a more distracting area like the backyard. 

Once they’ve mastered their recalls more distracting area of your home like the backyard– where there are different sounds, birds, and things, then you can move on to the front yard or a more distracting area. 

Practice your recalls at home or in a low distraction environment and gradually build that up. That way, your dog has a solid recall foundation. Practice everywhere!


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