Learn how to off leash recall. While off-leash walking, does your dog take off during walks/hikes when he sees something more interesting? Do you want your dog to be more engaged without taking off when off leash walking? A very practical skill to have especially on walks is Off Leash Recall.


Have a successful off leash walk by following these simple steps:


Step 1: Practice Commands Indoors

Practice indoors. Start in an environment where your dog is able to come to you reliably. Mainly this is safety first. You don’t want your dog to get out there and and off trail if they haven’t learned how to focus and come back to you. 

Make sure your dog has mastered reliably coming back to you when you practice at home first before going out in the world. 


Step 2: High Value Treats for Positive Reinforcement

High value treats are basically treats you give your dog that are more interesting than just a kibble. From hotdogs to string cheese to peanut butter treats. Any sort of treat for your dog that gets them most especially excited. 

Using high value treats will get your dog to come to you in a prompt way. This will positively reinforce your dog and make them more interested in following your command and coming to you more than the distraction. 


Step 3: Be Consistent with the Recall Word/Sound

Choose a particular word or sound that you’re going to use to ask your dog to come. Be consistent with the word you use, whether it’s ‘come’ or ‘here’ that you want your dog to associate with them coming back to you. 


Step 4: Gradually Increase the Distractions

Once you’ve mastered your dog’s recall at home with zero distractions, gradually add distractions as you’re training. You can start off at home by tossing a ball and at the same time asking your dog to come. 

Practice with distractions at home before progressing outside. Once your dog reliably comes back to you with the added distractions at home, then you can slowly progress to the outside. Start with your backyard, front yard and so on. 

Take note that even if your dog reliably comes back to you