Is your dog listening to you? If your answer is yes every single time… then awesome! If not, find out why your does not listen to you and what you can do to help your dog to listen to you. 

The 3 Ds

What are the 3 Ds? Duration, Distance and Distraction. The three most important Ds aside from your dog in dog training! 

  • Duration is the amount of time your dog is able to maintain a certain behavior. For instance, if you’re asking your dog to sit, how long can your dog sit?
  • Distance is how far is your dog able to perform a certain task or behavior. The further away you ask your dog to do something, the harder it gets. 
  • Distraction refers to everything else that’s happening around your dog when you ask them to do a task or maintain a certain behavior. For example, if you ask your dog to ‘sit’– what is happening around your dog? How distracting is the environment?

Most concerns I get are when dogs are great and able to listen when indoors BUT outside they don’t listen. This is when the 3 Ds come in. 

Start off by working on these 3 individually. What this means is that if you’re working on duration you don’t want to be working on distraction and distance simultaneously. 



For example: If you want your dog to learn how to sit, you don’t want him to just sit and then go. You want him to sit and stay for a certain amount of time. It’s difficult to learn this if you’re simultaneously teaching your dog distance and distraction as well. 

When you’re working on the 3 Ds, start off with Duration following with Distance and Distraction. So when starting off with duration, make sure you’re working with your dog in a quiet environment without distraction and closely with your dog without much distance yet. 

Make it short and simple for your dog, start off with a few seconds. Have them sit for 3 seconds… 5 seconds…until your dog has really learned how to sit and stay. 

You can’t really move on to making your dog sit and stay for a few seconds and then leaving them to walk for a short distance if you’ve not worked on distance. 

As mentioned, you have to work on the 3 Ds individually before in