Does your dog respond when you call him? How do you get your dog to come to you when called? It sounds so simple and so easy but a lot of times, they don’t respond. Maybe your dog doesn’t come when they’re being called inside. Or when you’re outside, they don’t listen. 


There are a few things you can do to get your dog to listen when called. Here, we have 5 Rules To The Recall which you can do to get your dog to respond. 


Rule #1: Don’t call your dog for anything that is unpleasant. 

If there’s anything that your dog doesn’t like… For example, their nails being clipped, bathing, giving them medicine or even leash clip. Instead, you want to go over to them yourself and get them. 

You can use a treat to lure them over or get them to where you want to go. You can use a treat for the whole grooming process (if that’s a problem), but that’s another discussion.

Essentially, before you call your dog to come to you, make sure to consider whether it’s something pleasant or unpleasant. 

Based on whatever your answer is, you might want to consider whether you will call them (pleasant) or just go over yourself and get them (unpleasant). 


Rule #2: Don’t call your dog if you’re not sure if they want to come. 

All recalls should be successful recalls. A lot of times your dog isn’t coming because you’re not choosing the right time to call them to you. 

If your dog is engaged in something else and is fully invested in what he’s doing, you don’t want to call them to come to you. If they’re playing with another dog or sniffing relentlessly, they’re probably not going to come as well. 

What you can do is go over to them and use a treat to lure them over back to where you want them. DON’T give them the treat to where you found them.

Just use it to take them where you wanted them to be in the first place. Once you’re back, then you can treat them.

Remember, anticipate your dog’s response. If you know that they will respond 100%, then you can call them. If you’re not sure or you know they won’t come, it’s better that you just go over and get them yourself. 


Rule #3: If you call your dog and he doesn’t come, you MUST make it happen. 

Go over to your dog and lure him to where you wanted him to be in the first place. You are not going to treat them to where you went to get them because that’s not where you wanted them to be.

Just put a treat