Group Classes

Join us for dog training class. Perfect if you’re looking to socialize  with other dogs and work on manners outside the home. Classes are perfect for you!

Dog training classes are remarkably effective: 

🐶Your dog will benefit from socialization. If you simply want to work on basic manners or give your pup the opportunity to interact with other dogs. It can be the perfect environment for your dog to meet and play with others, particularly for puppies who are at an age where socialization is critical.

🐶Your dog will have to learn around others. Group classes have plenty of in-built distractions for your dog. By being in the presence of others (humans and dogs, your dog will learn the necessary discipline about when to learn – and when to play.

🐶You’ll meet fellow dog owners. The group dynamic allows participants to share their stories and learn from one another, and you may find that members of the group will be able to help and motivate one another during the class.

Get active with your dog!

We’re offering a variety of classes listed below.

Distracted Dogs to Reliable Recall Workshop (Puppy’s 6+ Months)

In this 90-minute, one-day workshop, we’ll cover basics like barking, staying, sitting, and more.

You’ll learn to prevent unwanted behaviors and stay calm in distracting situations.

Plus, we’ll focus on teaching your dog to come when called, even in challenging situations.

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