It’s the winter season! For some of you out there, it’s very very cold outside. You might not have the opportunity to take your dog out on walks or just play with them outside. We are going to go over a few activities or indoor games to keep your dog active even when it’s very cold outdoors! 


Dogs are very similar to children. If you are not able to take them outside for a walk or do something active, they’ll gather up all this pent up energy and might end up getting in trouble indoors. Therefore, taking them out for walks or keeping them engaged both physically and mentally are important.



Toys are mentally and physically helpful for your dog. The challenge is to keep your dogs interested and engaged with these toys. If you have a lot of toys, don’t bring your toys out at once. Instead, rotate your toys every 1 or 2 weeks or so. 

You can also incorporate their meal times with their toys. For example, feed your dog only half of their meal in their regular bowl and put half in their kong or toy so they can work to take their food out. 



Games keep your dog stimulated and active. Here are a few games you can play with your dog indoors, most especially if you can’t take them outside:

Shell Game (Guessing Game): 

  1. What you need: Shells/Cups and treats
  2. How to play:
    • Line up your cups or shells in front of your dog
    • Put a treat under one of the cups or shells
    • Rearrange or mix up the cups or shells and have your dog guess which shell or cup the treat is in. 
    • You can make it more difficult for your dog as you go along by adding more empty shells or cups


  1. What you need: A bottle of bubbles or DIY bubbles
  2. How to play: 
    • Blow bubbles indoors. This is ideal if you have the space for it! Then, let your dog chase them! This is most especially good for dogs who have great ‘prey drive’. 
    • You can buy or make your own bubbles for as long as they don’t hurt your dog’s eyes.
    • You can use pure glycerine and water. Just make sure it’s alcohol-free or free of chemicals that can hurt your dog’s eyes. A good alternative to use is baby shampoo.


  1. What you need: Tug toy (usually the rope toys you find in pet stores)
  2. How to play:
    • Let your dog bite one end of the toy and play tug with your dog.
    • You can play this while you’re sitting down or maybe in between working from home. This keeps them stimulated and active as well as strengthening their jaw. 

Find it!

  1. What you need: Treats!
  2. How to play:
    • Toss treats on the ground for your dog to find. You can toss treats one by one or toss treats on a wooden floor to start off your dog easily.
    • You can advance by moving onto a furry rug or carpet or outside on the lawn where there’s grass. This would require your dog to find and sniff for their treats.
    • Sniffing really tires out the dog allowing them  to spend a lot of energy. 

Stimulating Chew Toys

Dogs love toys they can chew on. If you want to make use of things at home, you can use a few things: 

  1. Use an empty water bottle or any empty container they can chew on. When your dogs chew on an empty plastic container, the bottle will make crinkly sounds that is just as stimulating that is chewing on it. 
  2. Knotted up towel or socks with treats! You can knot up a towel and put treats in between or socks that have treats in them in which your dog would have to work through or chew to get the