It’s the winter season! For some of you out there, it’s very very cold outside. You might not have the opportunity to take your dog out on walks or just play with them outside. We are going to go over a few activities or indoor games to keep your dog active even when it’s very cold outdoors! 


Dogs are very similar to children. If you are not able to take them outside for a walk or do something active, they’ll gather up all this pent up energy and might end up getting in trouble indoors. Therefore, taking them out for walks or keeping them engaged both physically and mentally are important.



Toys are mentally and physically helpful for your dog. The challenge is to keep your dogs interested and engaged with these toys. If you have a lot of toys, don’t bring your toys out at once. Instead, rotate your toys every 1 or 2 weeks or so. 

You can also incorporate their meal times with their toys. For example, feed your dog only half of their meal in their regular bowl and put half in their kong or toy so they can work to take their food out.