Learn about the different equipment you can use with your dog to stop them from pulling. If your dog doesn’t have any training or your dog is pulling on walks, this is a good way to help them stop from pulling until you get some training underway.


When we talk about equipment and helping your dog stop from pulling on walks, it is more about managing the situation and not exactly training them to stop pulling. This only decreases the unwanted behavior or helps it improve. 

Finding the right equipment does not only prevent or decrease puling but also prevent any sort of physical damages as well.


Martingale Collar

The Martingale Collar it tightens around the dog’s neck so that they don’t slip out. You can use this to reduce pulling but there are precautionary measures. 

If you’re going to use a Martingale Collar, work with a trainer because you can get caught almost choking the dog with this type. Once that little ring at the back of the collar pulls, it tightens against their necks. 

Again, this is more for the dog not to slip out but you can use it to reduce pulling. 


Head Halter