Do you know when your dog is stressed? Are you able to identify your dog’s body language when they’re about to get stressed out? Dogs talk to us all the time. Help your dog out by learning the different signs and understanding when your dog is under stress. 


Signs of Stress

You see a lot of the white parts of their eyes

This almost looks like their eyes are popping out of their heads. This is one indicator that your dog is under stress. 


Watch out for your dog’s ears

Your dog’s ears position is a good indication for stress. Ideally, your dog’s ears should be relaxed. If a dog is under stressed, theirs are tensed and positioned flat backwards towards the back of their head. Another sign is if their ears are straight. up. 


Showing a lot of gums

If your dog shows a lot of their gums and their mouth’s are tense, this is usually a sign of stress. This can be tricky because some dogs probably look like this naturally… or maybe they’re just being playful. 

Make sure you look at the context or the situation in which this behavior is happening. If they’re showing their gums and their mouth is curling up to the side and looking tense, this is usually stress. 

If this behavior happens when they are playing, just pull your dog away for a little bit until they’ve calmed down and then you can send them back in. 


Unfocused barking

When your dog barks, usually, you know who or what he’s barking at. But if he’s just barking and there’s no one outside or there seems to be no reason, then it’s a sign of stress. Usually, it’s repetitive ongoing barking. 


Vocalization or barking sounds 

There are types of barking or vocalizations or sounds that your dog may exhibit that indicates he’s stressed. A few of them are: 

  • Growling
  • Whining
  • Whimpering
  • Excessive panting

These sounds don’t only come out when they’re stressed but also when they are anxious. There’s a fine line between being anxious and stressed. 


Scratching/Shake off

Scratching can also be a sign of s