Crate & House Train Your Puppy in 4 Weeks

Worried about whether your Puppy will cause a mess with their potty accidents inside your home?

No idea where to start with crate training?  Just that you know it's good for your Puppy.

Then you're in the right place to get the help you need to get your Puppy trained in 4 weeks.

Why house & crate training to start?

  • Less Mess: This is self-explanatory, the more your Puppy understands outside or the Puppy pad is where they do their business, the less you'll be cleaning
  • Home: The sooner they learn that their crate is their home within your home, the better.  This gives them a place to go to feel safe, whether it's new company, kids, or feeling of overwhelm, they'll know that their crate is their safe place.
  • Basic Needs: Knowing where your home & safe place is a basic need for all of us including Puppy's.  The same goes for knowing where to go the washroom.  Tackle these basic needs, and the foundation is set.

Why you're struggling with Puppy Crate training...

  • Duration: You're keeping your Puppy in the Crate too long for their age.
  • Punishment: You're using the crate as a tool to punish your Puppy.
  • Freedom: Giving a Puppy too much freedom for weeks before introducing the crate can normalize this for your Puppy, making crate training that much harder.

Why you're struggling with Puppy house/potty training...

  • Duration: You're keeping your Puppy inside too long for their age.
  • Punishment: You're yelling at them, and scaring them when they have an accident.  Imagine if we did that with Babies... or even toddlers.
  • Random: There isn't a clear message of where to do their business.  

Pepper the Puppy's Experience

Having a puppy is fun. But having a trained, responsive , and manageable puppy is GREAT! 

We would not be as relaxed, confident and well-rested as we are without Down4Paws training. 

We would very much use Down4Paws again! - Siobhan & Pepper's Google Review

Crate & House Train Your Puppy in 4 Weeks Includes

Week 1: Beginning

  • Body language: learn your Puppy's body language, important for both crate and house training
  • How To's: Learn the basics of how to crate and house train
  • Create Schedules: You'll create a potty break schedule, plus a crate training routine

Week 2: Management

  • Management Plan: reviewing your Management plan & progress
  • Crate Door Closing: When to take this big step
  • Monitoring Accident Frequency: You'll create a potty break schedule, plus a crate training routine

Week 3: Progress Milestones

  • House Access: when to give your Puppy free access to roam where they want.
  • Extending Hold Times: How and when to extend time between potty breaks
  • Crate Training: When to take the big step of stepping away with your Puppy inside of it.

Week 4: Finals

  • House Training: what are the challenges your facing, and how to work through them
  • ​Future Expectations: How to set up you and your Puppy for future training success
  • Completing Habit Building: This week is all about staying consistent from the past 3 weeks, to complete the progression.

Access anywhere you have internet

Whether you prefer your computer, your tablet, or your phone, if you can connect, you can get access to the training.

You can login from any device to access, which is especially helpful to have it pulled up on your phone or tablet when training your Puppy.

What you'll receive in the program

Lifetime access to...

  • 4 Week Crate Training Strategies & Techniques
  • 4 Week House/Potty Training Strategies & Techniques
  • Bonus: Shopping list so you'll know what to pick up to help you on this 4 week journey
  • 20% discount on the full online Puppy program

$79.99 Crate & House Train Your Puppy in 4 Weeks is now $15.99

Don't love it after 30 days, get your money back!

Lily the Puppy

We highly recommend Pamela, she was amazing with our puppy Lily! Pamela taught us her tricks and techniques, which Lily responded very well to. Pamela and how Lily responded to her was all very impressive. - Eric's Facebook Review

Coco the Puppy

Pam was great to work with. She came to our house to train our Puppy Coco. With just 5 visits Coco learned so much (including me and my family). We continue to use her teachings and Coco is doing fantastic! I highly recommend Pam! - Daniela's Facebook Review

Sailor the Puppy

My 9 month old golden doodle puppy ‘Sailor’ and I had the pleasure of working with Pam to train my boy and he has made great progress with the the commands presented to him in five short weeks. 

Pam is awesome. She also helped train me on how to handle Sailor as he is a very high strung force. 

 He has been trained to go to his mat, wait and leave it commands as well as training him to walk on the leash without pulling. - Jo's Facebook Review

What if I don't crate & house train my Puppy?

  • You run the risk of your Puppy not being house/potty trained as they get older, making it a frustrating experience for you and your Puppy
  • It's not easy to take your Puppy anywhere visiting as they get older if you're always afraid they'll have accident
  • Without crate training your Puppy won't have a 'safe space' to go to when the house gets overwhelming, or they just need to go somewhere to relax - this is especially important when they're still getting comfortable in the early days
  • ​Night time can be rough if your Puppy doesn't have their own space to sleep in
  • ​A crate trained Puppydog will do much better at a Vet if they have to stay overnight for any surgery or emergency (spay/neuter)

Why this works.

  • Science based training: This type of training has been proven to be the most reliable and effective over other dominerring types of training.
  • Positive reinforcement: Part of science based training is positive reinforcement.  This helps you to build a healthy relationship with your Puppy, especially during training.
  • A Road Map: This course is your 4 week road map to get you to a crate and house trained Puppy.  It's easy to know where you want to go, but without a map it's all guess work.  This program takes the guess work out of it, and gets you there in 4 weeks.  It's like Google or Apple Maps for a Puppy. :)
  • Future Training Foundation: Because of the style of training, going through this training builds a trust between you and your Puppy that you'll both enjoy the training (and that it works).  This will establish an amazing foundation for future Puppy training, and any other training you pursue in the future.

Most Often Asked Questions

How soon will I have access after I sign up?
You get access immediately.  You can jump into the course, and get going asap.
Can I wait to crate & house train my Puppy?
These are my recommended first two items on your training list.  Get these skills in place with your Puppy, and you'll unlock the beginning of a great training relationship.  Wait and you run the risk of your Puppy having accidents as they get older, and not being able to be home alone or having a ton of anxiety if they have to stay over at the Vets for surgery (spay/neuter).
I've already had my Puppy for a few weeks is it too late?
If you've made it this far I'm guessing you're still having house/potty training challenges or crate training challenges with your Puppy.  In that case I would highly recommend you sign up for this program to ensure you've gone through all the training that's needed to have your Puppy comfortable in their crate and/or living accident free.
How long will I have access to this course?
You'll have lifetime access.  Which means if you get another Puppy you can return back to this training to get familiar with it again, and use it again.
What if I get stuck on a week?
While most Puppy's can make it through the 4 weeks on schedule.  Like people, all Puppy's are a little different and some may take longer to train, this is perfectly okay.  I actually recommend to go at your Puppy's pace. 

If you get really stuck on one part of the training, and you just can't seem to graduate to the next step, you can reach out to me for help.

Crate & House Train Your Puppy in 4 Weeks

Was $99.99 now for only $9.99

What Puppy owners are saying about Pam & Down 4 Paws

Pam was wonderful with my 6 month old puppy! My puppy had issues with separation anxiety where he would nip at my ankles when leaving and become triggered by when I would put on socks or grab my bag to leave. 

In a manner of a few weeks, Archie no longer reacts when I get ready to leave and and doesn't bark the minute I step out the door. She is relatable and flexible so your puppy/dog can achieve their goals. 

Would 10/10 recommend her for training. - Alyssa's Google Review
We had a wonderful experience with Pam. She really became part of our family as we welcomed our rescue puppy into our family. 

He went from knowing exactly nothing to sitting, laying down, staying, coming, all your basic obedience training. 

She also did a few sessions with our kids, teaching them different games they could play with him. We love Pam! - Ellen's Google Review
Having Pam come for in-home training was the best decision we made since we brought our new puppy home in March! 

He’s a little shy, but with her calmness, knowledge and patience, he’s really flourished. 

The tools and techniques we learned, along with her continued follow-up and support, have given us the confidence we need to raise a happy, well-adjusted dog. - Carol's Google Review